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Well first time i did tf of me into my dragon form its my part of art trade with :iconnolhyaa: this time i was realy hard working at art i used pen tool for lineart what took me 1 full day to do it next day did take me at coloring and shading it + BG , i put a lot work in shading to show details of body like muscule and feet build also for wings and ofcours lot of playing with hairs

Short story for this art (i just wanted try do it like others do this storys for arts)

When i did coome visit her i didynt know what will happen and that my life will change again like alvays she was smiled and realy happy, when i only did come she wanted show me something a book, i thought its normal book she called it Dracomicon a book of dragons i didynt know that this book will change everything

Tomek: oh whats this?

Nohlyaa: its a Dracomicon

Tomek: Dracomicion?

Nohlyaa: here is all about dragons

Nohlyaa: I find something cool here that i wanted show you

Tomek: well ok i like dragons ^^

Nohlya: i know you do XD

she did show me a page where was a ritual of dragon transformation at begining i thinked that she just want do somethink like realistic RP or something like that where we would imaginate we turn into dragons but i was wrong

Tomek: a dragon tf spell?

Nohlyaa: come on it will be fun X3

Tomek: e ok? i just hope i wont disapear after all XD

Nohlya: XD

she started prepar ritual for moment i even start belive it can happen realy but still my brain did say that its is not possible

Nohlyaa: ok i'm ready ^^

Tomek: hehe ok

Nohlyaa: ok grab my hand and repat after me

Tomek: ok

we started say magic words and i still didynt know what will happen after it

after we end say spell Book start glowing with strange light that was unnatural then book did explode with much stronger light that almoust did blind us

after that i did start feel strange thing on my face and back like something was growing behind there i did look infron and see my face did change i did see strange nose looking like dragon and couldynt belive it happening then i did hear that my cloths did start rip i did turn around and see that from my back are growing wings i was afraid and didynt understund what did happen then i did look at Nohlyaa and see she also change i did see how from her head did grow horns and how her hands change into pawns.

Then it happen i did start feel that my hands change and my legs deform when i did look at them i did see that i got no more humman legs and hands coz they did look like a dragon one, then scales was starting showing and taking place of my skin also i did feel that i got a tail that is growin i was still afraid and scared but somepart of me did enjoy this and then i understund this is something amayzing that is like a dream

just a litle bit more time before changes was complete i did look again at nohlyaa and saw her transformation was almoust done also she did smile at me but say nothing

Then i did feel it it was end my body did full transformed into dragon i did feel streangh of my new body and how strong was my wings for a bit i did feel stranged with tail but i did start enjoy this then Nohlyaa did say: So how you like my surpise?


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My spellchecking eyes hurt


I like the art and the text reads pretty Biblic.


i like the horn art on Nohlyaa, its very pretty