Its not a dream! (art trade) by Tomek1000

Its not a dream! (art trade) by

Date: 2/23/2014 Views: 8055 Favorites: 84 Comments: 6


Here is my part of art trade with :iconbeccadoodles: i hope she will like it ^^

she had a strange dream where she did turn into dragon then she wake up and feel that something is wrong she go to bathroom to check that and she se in mirror that she turning into her dragonsona. i did notice that i almoust all time do all arts in the same way so i wanted do this time other way this art


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be careful what you dream for, it may only be a dream but it can affect you forever


well i would enjoy something like that XD


Me too but only if it was a cat ;)


i think she makes an adorable dragon


Well done.