Draknoid by ToxicPhox

Draknoid by

Date: 11/14/2011 Views: 3879 Favorites: 49 Comments: 3


An elf turning into a dragon, its pretty straightforward. The elf is actually a character of mine!

Drawn in pen during class, I more than likely will come back and color/lineart this when I have more time, but I wanted to share it :)


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I don't ever comment... Ever... So please take this sincerely: nice work.


I like it. :D


Wow, I can't describe the awesome I'm seeing! It'd be amazing to see it in colour. But either way, it's just as awsome in this state.

I really like the pose you did there, goes well with the whole Dragon Transformation! The way it was done in pen also adds a level of roughness to it, like it is/was a rough transformation!

Very well done indeed!