Become Familiar by Weazel75

Become Familiar by

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There comes a point in the lives of every aspiring mage where they learn to summon their familiar. However, summoning rituals and transformation rituals are very similar. Rarely, a mage might make a slight mistake in the incantation, and before they can fix it they're transported to the elemental plain! These rare mages are then trapped in there new forms, ready to become the familiar for another mage who manages to perform the spell correctly.


The struggle between me and the human face is one of those legendary conflicts that will go down in the history books.

Also: Multiple light sources. They give me a headache.


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Heh, like the story behind it. Ooo the hazards of playing with the unknown.


At least he doesn't seem too upset about becoming a floating fire ferret.


How could he be upset about that? I'd fail that spell in a second if I knew that'd be the result. Less a failure of a spell, more like an improvement.


To think, a mage might never realize that his familiar was once a human mage like they are.


Wonder if you could be your own familiar? (I'd see the tf spells section).