Otter Occupation by Weazel75

Otter Occupation by

Date: 3/12/2014 Views: 5961 Favorites: 18 Comments: 2


Redo of an old picture. The idea well's been dry for a while now.


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If the well's not doing well, you otter look for new sources of inspiration. Now, I wouldn't want to suggest anything ill-eagle... ow! Stop biting me!

Anyways... from what I've observed of you, I can think of three potential avenues for ideas. You could inflict minor torments on people you feel deserve it, poke around more with pokemoneseque games (there are so many to choose from...) or sit down and make yourself consider something more in depth for things like your toon world drawings. I can't guarantee any of those will be helpful.. just a suggestion.


Make some half human, half animal ones! :P