Ashley TF by V

Ashley TF by

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This is my first ever image onto Transfur! So happy I've made it. Erm, I'm still learning anatomy and what not so I hope you'll bare with me and enjoy this picture! ^.=.^

Generic TF into a Fox/Wolf Hybrid / Amur Leopard for my friend on Ashley on FurAffinity


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Love your style... :D

Welcome to Transfur! ^^


Nice work. The back of the knees look a little weird, but good job overall. Love the expression.


For your first picture on Transfur this is quite impressive! The arms are a bit long, and the legs a bit short, but you have an incredible grasp of coloring and shading.


The fur on the right arm is a little bit off. WELCOME TO TRANSFUR!

For a first image, that looks excellent. magnifico!


Very nice first submission!


Good start! ;)


Haha, I like. She seems pretty pleased at the result!


better then i could do


Sorry to nitpick, but that's not a cheetah. Cheetahs have tear marks on face and polka dot pattern on their fur. The leopard pattern is called a rosette, which is like a circular or squarish color with a dark black outline. Finally, cheetahs have about 4 rings near the tip of their tails. =^.^=;;

But this is a good submission, everything is neatly laid out and is pleasant to the eyes. :)


Lol, just so you know, there are plenty of others on this site that 1) haven't assiduously consulted photo references and/or 2) are consistently off in their bodily proportions. Don't worry so much about those comments - if it matters to you, fix it with future pieces :) Decent job!


I don't comment much... but I had to...

Dat art style.


X.=.X Dammit! Yeah it's a Leopard, just checked Ashleys specie.