White Werewolf by V

White Werewolf by

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I wanted this piece to be simple, the colours, the theme everything. Just to clear out my head which has been plagued with perfection with anatomy and the like. I've been a big fan of Hodori and wanted to have a go at his style so here's the finished process.

ALSO, I'd like your attention, Freeborn is being made. http://www.indiegogo.com/Freeborn-The-Movie Please check it out and if you can get involved. Thanks!


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1:nice u gettin better 2: say WAT FREEBORN IS BEING MADE


I never knew about Freeborn until now (I hope that doesn't make me a horrible TF fan.), but it looks awesome.


Lobo Leo has done concept art for the Freeborn movie. Just pointing that out.


No se ve mal. en mi caso no importa tan buen dibuje nologro auditorio. por menos leonardo no ha perdido el, varias me preguntado ya termino "alfa luna". sino crisis emocinal... es otra historias.

regresando al dibujo, esta bien. no es de los mejor viendo otros dibujos pero es ta decentes otros que he vistos.


It looks bad. in my case it does not matter so good draw nologro audience. for less leonardo has not lost, and asked me several term "alpha luna". but emocinal crisis ... is another story.

back to the drawing, fine. is not the best by seeing other ta decent pictures but others I've seen.


dang foriegns