Lily the Puppy Werewuff by Witchfiend

Lily the Puppy Werewuff by

Date: 4/5/2018 Views: 12502 Favorites: 147 Comments: 4


Since she arrived in America to study economics, Lily has been doing her best to hide her werewolf side. Unlike traditional lycanthropy, her form changes whenever someone or something peaks her interest, transforming her from reserved and polite young lady into a bubbly, bouncy toy dog. Her over-excitement, coupled with her werewolf strength means things often get damaged, and it's not just limited to her designer clothes either. She can only hope that her parents back in Taiwan don't find out.


This sequence was based on a sketch I uploaded to Patreon last year, and chosen by my Patrons for the first poll. I really loved the idea of having different types of werewolf with different triggers. Originally I was getting this ready for Chinese New Year but it turned out to be perfect for Valentines too

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can i b her? she looks very pretty =p nice job


Now that's a werewolf I can get behind ^-^


I wonder how people would react to her...


is she single