Getting into Character by Wrathofautumn

Getting into Character by

Date: 10/30/2007 Views: 12932 Favorites: 26 Comments: 3


Hehe, back in Oklacon, they had their own version of tag simulating nature called "Predator and Prey".. Not only was it tons of fun, but for the first time in a long time, I had really felt like an animal...and I strangely liked it. So in this picture, it accomplishes a sort of fantasy. Enjoy! Oh, I had to edit the picture because of an ugly crease in the corner. Much better now.


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that is a very fun game to play in the woods, WE put on our tails and muzzles only and hunt each other according to who is in the food chain and all, very similar to your game. Nice detail in this picture aswell


Very good. Also I don't have aim or msn just a yahoo email account if you want to email it to me me adress is Also keep up the good work I really like your art.


sounds like a fun game!