Dont look at me by Wrathofautumn

Dont look at me by

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This illustration was made as practice to express strong emotion through body language. It's a full moon this night, and a secret is revealed. Upon completing the transformation, the boyfriend is ridden with shame. Pushing her away, he proceeds to walk on alone, somewhere far away as possible. The girlfriend, on the other hand, stays where she is, fighting the urge to run. Her knees buckling, stained with excrement, shivering with watery eyes and a bitten lip, she struggles with the abrupt attempt to accept her boyfriend as a werewolf.


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That works well with the skill, but without reading the info i couldn't find out who is the guy and who is the girl(i found out afer i saw the B00B$).Good jobb.


Of course the werewolf is the boy and the girl is the girl. This is an excellent idea to draw I wish more people would draw images of this area.


I'd say you pulled it off very well. The anatomy's a bit crude, but the point is that you showed the boy's emotions very successfully. He really does look like he's in great anguish. I like the way you tilted his shoulders; it really sells that he's hunched over in shame, and raising his left hand to hide himself. The girl, though, probably needs some work. She looks more like she needs to find a bathroom. Changing the position of her arms might help, as well as giving her a stronger expression.


This is a powerful scene. I love the title "Don't look at me" and you have worked it into the drawing very well. Emotional content is top notch and is probably just how this kind of scene would play out if in real life. Very well done, top kudos!


Very interesting piece. Thanks for sharing it.


...Yeah, that's...awkward. I can't imagine having your girlfriend piss herself at the sight of you would appeal to a nose that sensitive


This piece is quite good. Displays your talent in drawing emotions and, yet again, writing a story.


as a critique- I would suggest focusing on your silhouettes as well as composition. For it to be more dramatic I would have given more of a waste-up cam-view- and a bit of "worms eye view". The poses are too stiff. They're pretty much up and down. Study the "line of action" as noted in animation. 3/4 views of characters also help a lot more in depicting a scene such as this.


...the whole pissing thing kinda makes it.. ..I dunno. I have no words.


er. I'd say it was good if not for the piss n shit stuff. Is scat really allowed in the user agreement? Also I would say it takes away from the peice.


Hmmmm....well, yes, my anatomy still blows, Uberman5000. Been trying some new styles of outlining to make picture antatomically correct, but I'm not sure how effective it is. XXy, dude that kind of a critique is actually pretty helpful. I have such a hard time with silouettes cause you're like scrunching up the pose at one angle. Somebody did recommend I buy me a mannequin to help with posing. But yeah I think I can see 3/4 views expressing this a bit more strongly. Dragon-Girl, it's perfectly all right, i don't think you need to say anything. Mirandaleigh, I wasn't accomplishing any form of fetish at all when doing this picture, I was attempting something artistic. The pissing is supposed to express terror. Utter terror. Unless of course you're saying there are better ways to express it than what I attempted.


mmm actually now that I think of it, I'm not really sure if fluids are actually allowed to be shown...also, mannequins are okay but photo reference I find is better. More emotion- more anatomy study.


If they're not, it must've completely slipped my mind. I didn't do it for any real fetish purposes, I was just trying to be artistic. Photo-references you say, XXy? Like what kind of photos? Any particular subject?


depends on what you're depicting. I would choose that over a mannequin is what I'm saying. Google works fine usually, but finding a photo reference website woud help muchly. Try searching up agony or shame or something that involves pain?


Honestly, she looks like she's embarrassed that she pissed herself.


All right, then. Those sound abstract enough. Thanks for all the critique in this picture. I must say that I have respect for you as an artist to sit down with me and give me some good tips despite the "questionable" content of this piece. Thank you very very much.


Yeah I dunno. It's cool to practice emotion and so on in pictures, but usually you need to get the basics of art down first, before you go any further, otherwise it sort of looks like some nasty crayonned scat art from DA or something. Just my 2 cents.


Wrath, I'm sure I don't need to say anything, but it needs to be said. This is awful. Only for the fact that you have to use someone pissing themselves as an expression of terror.. There's PLENTY of different ways to express fear without this sort of thing. It just seems distasteful.


Your work is definitely improving..... though you might want to work a bit on your background skills. I get the incongruous impression that he's tossing a volleyball over her head.....


poor guy is ashamed of what he is and the little girl doesn't know what to make of it :(