Shrine of The Green Monke by Wrathofautumn

Shrine of The Green Monke by

Date: 2/20/2010 Views: 17140 Favorites: 49 Comments: 5


This is what happens when you manage to beat the time record of the temple run by a landslide. Never displease Olmec! O:


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if all the teams were gonna be transformed which of the 6 would you want to be on?? i would choose jaguars


This is great! i remember watching the show with my brother and sisters.there definatly need to be more monkey tfs 8.5/10


You could start by growing a tail from your backside, curling up from the small of your back and hanging from a tree. From there, your ears might round out a bit, poking out from the sides of your helmet. Next, your face could stretch forward, rounding out and filling into a simian muzzle. After that, some black, simian hair could travel over your body, down to your toes, and leave you racing back to the temple gate! The choices are yours, and yours alone!


Can i just say (i commented on this earler) this is one of the most underated pieces i have ever seen!


u shud hav drawd it n no shus or