Goat Jenis by Yapi

Goat Jenis by

Date: 7/25/2012 Views: 16870 Favorites: 160 Comments: 3


Commissioned by JennMermaid, a girl being turned into a goat with her as the model.

The story she provided is as follows:

"Its the time of the gods when they were in their prime and could do anything to anyone or anything. Zeus has had his way with nymphs and human women. He has spotted the nymph Jenis bathing and wants her for himself. Jenis rejects his advances, the god Zeus gets mad and starts to transform Jenis into a female goat and the god Zeus transforms himself into ram. Jenis runs and now Zeus is in pursuit of the beautiful nymph! "


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Very nice! =D


I love her new breast emplacement! Lol! Great work!


Centaur1998: Unfortunately not, she only commissioned this one picture. So far she's only paid me to do one shots instead of sequences.