KIRYIfinalda by Yapi

KIRYIfinalda by

Date: 12/27/2006 Views: 16265 Favorites: 92 Comments: 6


Commissioned by David Sullens, the dragon form of his character Kiryi. (She has two forms - quadruped dragon and humanoid)


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This is quite lovely, I think. However, it's just a picture of a dragon. Did the person turn into the dragon and this is the final result? If so, could you post sketches or something that would show us leading to this finish? Don't get me wrong, I think it's very nice. The CG is fantastic for this piece.. but it just doesn't show anyone changing or any sort of transformation at all, which I think this site is based on.


Hello Dragon-Girl :) Yes, if you read my description I mentioned that it was the "dragon form" of someone's character. She has a quadruped dragon form and a humanoid form which she transforms back and forth to, I think. However, I don't have any sketches of the transitions or the other form since I was not commissioned to draw those ^^;


You ask for one pic. You get one. You can draw in the middle of a TF or the end. And since its about someones alternate form not how he/she transform it had to be the ending. Great job. Well done :3 *thumbs up*


love the coloring - this is very cool and well drawn ;)


Simply breathtaking. Superb piece of art!


All of the above... a stunning piece of work