...But not for the reasons you might think. Bottom line? Need money. My left shoulder is messed up. I thought it was my heart at first, but I've lost about 40% of outward rotation in it over the past month, and it's progressively getting worse. Before I submit myself to the profiteering medical system, and considering I eat what I make from my job, I'd like to have some money in my pocket to diagnose and solve this issue. I've got several new TF pieces I can post, I can auction off the remaining originals I've done from '03 to '12 (I gave some away during AC last year), and I can of course draw new stuff for commissions. Better my left shoulder and arm than my right, huh?

If there's sufficient interest, then I'll reconnect my printer / scanner and start putting pencil, paper and pens back to work making furries and werecreatures again. But it's up to you.

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