beanbags by Zho

beanbags by

Date: 7/13/2008 Views: 8188 Favorites: 20 Comments: 2


Cam suggested we go to the beanbag lounge to relax. The people who owned it were a little strict at what was allowed to relax inside thouh


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Pfft, that made me chuckle =-)


A quick Hello from me to you Zho, you know... Kit's friend an' all that. Thanks to her, I'm able to keep an eye on your artistic progress behind your back. Congratulations! you have your own personal stalker!;) In all seriousness though, if she hasn't mentioned it already, your art quality has grown in leaps and bounds just recently... in oh, the past couple weeks I s'pose? When I saw your colored avatar, I was astonished: looked like a whole new artist, though the feel, style, and soul of it made me barely realise it was your work. Anyway, greeting and doting aside, Very cute clip here:) I bet Kit's proud too.