(Old) Honey I Became An Ursidae Sequence Request (2012) by Adaru32

(Old) Honey I Became An Ursidae Sequence Request (2012) by

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As the title states, this was a sequence I made back in 2012. I was still lazy with colouring around that time.

This was requested by Truttle on Deviantart where he changes into a bear after eating some anomalous honey.

Images drawn with a pencil first then went over and put them together on Photofiltre and GIMP with a mouse.

Additional Note: For some reason this site didn't inform me of having new messages till someone on my Twitter notified me. When I checked the message section on here, I saw quite a bit of people telling me about how they weren't happy with my constant uploads, and even told me how this site works, which I wasn't aware ^^;

I apologize for the constant spam of my sequences. I'm new to this site and didn't know that I can stack images at once in a single post. At the same time, I wanted to get most of my work uploaded and out of the way. Another reason for the spam is 'cause there are some sequences where pages have some clean images mixed with images containing blood and/or nudity, so I figured that uploading one at a time instead of all at once was necessary. But I guess I'll slow down and post 1 single sequence or image per day. Again, sorry for the spam people.


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Hey, nice to have them stacked into a sequence :)

Looks good


Thanks. Yeah, it took a bit to figure out how this site works and wasn't aware that I could upload multiple images as once (I'm new to this site. A few people were encouraging me to make a Transfur account). I'm also not informed when new comments show up, which I wasn't aware of either. So looks like I have to check my gallery and message section every time I log on.


Hey, it's okay! You're providing free content! Thanks for listening. :)