(Old) My Furless Werewolf TF Scene (2015) (Clean + Both Bloody & Non-Bloody Versions) by Adaru32

(Old) My Furless Werewolf TF Scene (2015) (Clean + Both Bloody & Non-Bloody Versions) by

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Muscle Growth
She Wolf

As the title states, this was a sequence I did in 2015.

This is a scene in a story of mine where I make myself as the villain. I'm part of a secret organization where me and a group of scientists attempt to create a formula that gives the ability for people to talk to animals. Due to lack of tests made, it ended up being a complete failure, making the formula as an addictive drug and causing people to slowly and painfully change into whatever animals they've injected into themselves in the end (Ones containing fur or feathers remain furless and featherless). Taking more than one type of animal formula results in neurological and/or heart failure.

At one point, there's an upgrade in the formula, and I make the crazy decision to make myself as the guinea pig, even though I'm in charge of the project. It ended up being a failure as well where it gave me the ability to transform into a furless werewolf. At the same time, it was good for me to have the ability since I could use it as a defense mechanism. The transformation's triggered from negative emotions like anger, frustration, rage, and/or feeling threatened.

Another trigger for the change is a problematic one which is a side effect, where at random intervals I would feel extremely hungry and would want to eat any living thing in front of me in sight till my hunger's satisfied. In this scene, it's a mixture of rage from the main protagonist trying to put a stop to me, and the hunger that's triggering this change.

Done on Sai with a mouse.