Heya denizens of the internet! This is the Furaffnity account for BrokenHex on deviantart, if you're up for it go check out my DA I site! Any support is always appreciated! As for me I am an easy going, very relaxed Gazelle furry. I LOVE chatting to new furs! Notes and comments never fail to bring a smile to this antelopes face and are always appreciated! Now here's a little about me! Oh and my timezone is a pain in the butt so I apologize for that!

I am:

Male | Straight | Single and Looking

I like:

Video Games | Board and Table Games | History | Art and other Cultures | The Sciences | Sci-fi and Fantasy | Animation

I am a:

IT Engineer | Biological Sciences Major | Art Student

But I am also a:

Geek | Brony | Furry | Gamer | wannabe archaeologist/historian | Art lover | Lover of spicy foods

And tend to be:

Very easy going and talkative | A procrastinator | A night owl

Kinks I am fond of:

Rubber/latex | TF | BDSM, petplay and ponyplay | Inflation | Macro/Micro


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