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Island Girl TG by ChaseTheFox
4103 views, 26 favorites, 2 comments
Why exactly did that stranger give me a hibiscus flower? ...Gggh! Hey! I really liked that shirt! T.T
Join the Flock by ChaseTheFox
3987 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
What are those birds flying overhead for? Why is my nose suddenly so pointy? Wait a minute... AH!
Gator Tailsplosion! by ChaseTheFox
3112 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Ack! W-What's going on?
Flamingo Fruit by ChaseTheFox
3837 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
Hmm. This is pretty good! ...Ack! Now I know why they call it "Flamingo Fruit". D:
Chase Camel by ChaseTheFox
2503 views, 10 favorites, 1 comment
When you're in the desert, you gotta do as they do.
Forced T-Rex Shapeshift by ChaseTheFox
3412 views, 10 favorites, 2 comments
They tried to force me to shapeshift into a primordial dragon. It didn't quite turn out how they wanted...
Don't Eat the Cheese! by ChaseTheFox
3171 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
I guess I should've listened. :x