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fishermn by Ealadubh
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Another from the sketch folder. Unfinished as yet, but I'll deep-pencil it and add a background, turning it into a complete image.
DImousse by Ealadubh
14167 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
A bit of whimsy conjoured up for Weremoose with one of my trademark TF puns (check the bottle). 'DI' of course stands for 'Derksen Industries'. :>
but-is-it-me by Ealadubh
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Artists like to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Preferably on each other.
little by Ealadubh
12 images, 26517 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
A mouse TF sequence in twelve frames. Kwert is troubled by strange, surreal dreams...
FiS by Ealadubh
8376 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
"Fox In Socks" - A cute little Dr Seuss joke that I came up with for Foxx.
Japanese Shmapanese by Ealadubh
7164 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
"Japanese, Shmapanese" - 101 uses for a Millenium Dome, number 56: training ground for Godzilla. Would you really want to TF into anything this macro?
krmchmln by Ealadubh
13150 views, 13 favorites, 3 comments
"Karma Chamelion" - Ahh, boo yerselves. *I* like my TF puns, see if I care. :P
pengsuit by Ealadubh
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lecture by Ealadubh
13018 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
milk by Ealadubh
18155 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
Yes, it's the obligatory cow TF which all artists are required by law to draw at some point in their careers. If somebody can pass along a good enough photo of a school cafeteria, I'll colour this pic and mask it on top.