Ealadubh by everruler

Ealadubh by

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The intoxicating effects of this libation leaves even the mightiest of men knocked from their feet. Only warriors with swagger dare imbibe it.

First set commissioned by ealadubh


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Odysseus: Damn it, I told him not to drink that! Hey! Someone get some "moly"!

One of his sailors: Get some what?

Odysseus: Some "moly"! You know, the herb that cures the porcine curse!

Sailor: What does it look like?

Odysseus: It's a little plant white flowers and black roots.

Sailor: You mean the orache? That bush that sand rats love?

Odysseus: What? No! If I meant "bush", I would've said "bush". What I SAID was "little plant"!

Sailor: Fine, fine — then do you mean the harmal plant? Or the snowdrop?

Odysseus: No and no! Pull the wax out of your ears and listen! I said frigging "MOLY"! MOLY MOLY MOLY!!! The plant I used to turn YOU back into a human!

Sailor: Ohhhh, THAT plant. Well, where am I to find it?

Odysseus: Isn't it obvious?! You-- *suddenly remembers that Hermes gave the plant to him without mentioning where he'd gotten it* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-


it remembers me about "El viaje de chihiro"