Nimble Hooves by Hukeng

Nimble Hooves by

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"The wheezing whistle given off by the antique flute had be underwhelming at best, or so she thought, as she slowly brought her hand up to scratch her suddenly itchy ears.

Before she could wonder about the unusual shape and fuzzy texture they seemed to have taken on, a sudden, stinging pain drew her attention to her forehead, where two small, stubby horns had just popped out of her skin.

Meanwhile, a one-inch thick strip of soft fluff quickly sarted to sprout from the nape of her neck and down the whole length of her spine, the tickling itch involuntarily causing her to let out a faint, bleating giggle, just to sprout in a short tail moments later.

As the changes progressed, a pair of caprine hooves began pushing out of her shoes, quickly followed by a loud ripping sound as her skirt was shredded to bits by her suddenly expanding, muscular thighs, wich were covered in the same light-brown fur that had also begun to quickly spread over her arms.

She should probably have been a lot more concerned about what had just happened to her, but looking down at her new body and feeling the strength and agility pulsating through her ungulate legs and nimble hooves pushed all of her worries aside, as she was overwhelmed by the deep need to playfully rush over green hills and rocky paths during the orange glowing late summer dusk...

Hesitantly, she brought the pan flute back to her lips and, after taking a deep breath, begun to play a soft, soothing melody."


Satyr girl - because greek mythology has some of the coolest, most iconic hybrids ever.