Orc Brawler by Hukeng

Orc Brawler by

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"Female Orcs are exceptionally rare, but those who have met one claim them to be a lot stronger, quicker and smarter than their male counterparts. They also seem to be noticeably taller, although that might just be a result of them not assuming the hunched posture commonly associated with their species..."

Orcs might be iconic, but they still are one of those sadly underestimated fantasy species.

On an unrelated note, I actually used to draw (moderate) muscle fairly often back in the olden days.


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Da green birdz is da best. Luv me summa dem orky girlz, roit, mates?


"Dere ain' no female Orks on da Interwarp, ya Gitz!"


Wotz dem fings on 'is chest? 'N where'd he get dat noice 'air squig?


Ya dumb zogga! Dis is wot 'appens when da spores get inta one o' dem 'umie female-types! 'O doesn't know that?!


I for one approve of orc TFs that don't end up with a female character becoming nothing else than breeding stock(I fell on one or two before and all of them were both terribly gross >.< ).

Gotta love proud confident warrior types and that's something I can get behind of.


Hey, the first comment that isn´t a Warhammer reference^^.

And yes, I sadly know what you are talking about, but rest assured that I don´t really approve of that particular take on the character, either.

Also, big and strong warrior ladies are a quite popular archetype that I am rather fond of myself.


Ah heh, sorry about the lack of helpful comments. The "Ork" typing brought out the geek in us. Changing it to Orc helped. It's a great drawing, I have a female Orc character myself who's a complete badass, so I give your drawing a thumbs up.


Heh, no worries, I´m a pretty big Warhammer and 40k fan myself, and I actually found the reactions to be quite amusing^^.


wut izorz a orc (translation from l33t → english: what is an orc?!!?)