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The cyber age equivalent of getting a dumb tattoo or piercing.


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Another satisfied customer!


Reminds me of that anthro episode of Batman Beyond ("Splicers"). "Splicing is like establishing myself as an individual, you know. Just like all my friends!"


I could see a Shadowrun character doing this. I could PLAY a Shadowrun character doing this.


Not me, I'd be too worried about a GM deliberately targeting me with essence stripping attacks if I threw half of it away on fancy cosmetic surgeries. But I did know someone who bragged about his canine shadowrunner back in the '90s, justified in the same way.


I've never really appreciated the whole essence-shredding conundrum of Shadowrun. You figure you're already operating an unwieldy zombie made of sinew and guts, I see no reason why there's something un-magical about silicon and chrome synthetics that makes them somehow less soul-receptive than bones made of calcium. It makes sense from a gameplay balance perspective, but less so from an epistemological one. For all you know, by similar reasoning, the very act of 'eating' is soul-shredding because you're introducing foreign entities into you to sustain what you were initially conceived as... it somewhat makes the whole contrivance a touch nonsensical. But then, this is the realm of nerd-dom from which we got the concept of lawful stupid paladins, so what do I know.


Biomods? Like in Invisible War? I prefer the stuff in Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, personally :P


I carelessly mis-read a word balloon as saying ``it's as if I'd been living in cow definition up until now'' and I think that accidentally invented a different tf sequence.


Your Cs and Ls kinda look the same, it took me a moment to realize she said "low definition" and not "cow definition".


Zoo-augs. The best kind of augs.


I could easily see plastic surgery advancing to this level in the next few decades, and I wouldn't at all be opposed to it lol. Nice work!