Seaside Shift (10/29/21) by Kristintree

Seaside Shift (10/29/21) by

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Mro is injured, by another dragon or by some other creature, and flies to a seaside cave to hide and heal. I’m not exactly sure how shapeshifter “healing” works yet... Since the body and clothes already have to shift and change I imagine it can sew injured skin back together like cloth. I wasn’t sure how to show that… so I made the fabric around Mro's arm twist and made the healing magic bright and firefly like. It added a nice light element to an otherwise dark part of the cave.

(Description from 10/29/21)


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Welcome! Glad to see you here! I've been stalking your art over on FurAffinity and I really like your approach to tf. c:


I was wondering if anyone would recognize me from other sites XD I’ll admit that I didn’t know about this site until recently but I’m glad my application got accepted ^w^ Ty for the nice comment!


ooooo reverse tf! it's so uncommon and I love it


My characters go back and forth between forms all the time so I didn’t think an animal to human tf was that unique, but like you said it seems to be pretty uncommon?

I’m glad you like it ^w^


oooo! love this! very dynamic


Thank you ^w^


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Really neat shifting idea, and very nice sequence!


Thank you :D