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CharlieVamp sm by Mirandaleigh
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Charlie get's bit by a vampire, and transforms if she doesn't kill him by the next Hunter's Moon. Main character for my comic, launching on my website in about a week. http://www.smokingpen.com/shop.html
furrpeeling by Mirandaleigh
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So yea, she's like a reverse orange. The furr peels on. Funky, huh? Clothes shredding because furr peels are very uh, sharp. Yeah, that's it.
asiandragontf by Mirandaleigh
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Drawn because there should be dragon halfs.. they're like mermaids, but they don't suck. =p
dreamcatcher by Mirandaleigh
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A transformation premise from my new comic series called DreamCatcher. Nightmares can really affect the world of the living, the dream world changing those trapped within.
dragonshift by Mirandaleigh
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griffpg by Mirandaleigh
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Young adventurer barely managed to climb to the top of a huge rocky crag, just to find a griffin egg at the tippitytop. He fearfully peers over the ledge, wondering if its worse to fall to his death, or try to climb down, or be killed by the mother griffin. Before he manages to decide on what to do with himself, he finds his body changing.... and then soon he's got company.
griff by Mirandaleigh
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He's a griffon... so he can change as he pleases, from human form to full fledged chirp chirp. He's just a kid though, so he's not very good at it and he usually won't change fully human or fully griff....
tfwolf by Mirandaleigh
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Because there ought to be far more animations..... that don't suck like this lol >_<() I try, but without grabbing up my animation timing books n stuff, it just comes out as keypoints, rather than in betweens and all.... Blech. It's still neat though, if you're not nitpicky.
charlieformfall by Mirandaleigh
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Charlie trying to control her new lycan form.... She never realized that werewolves chose to look different, they had the ability to change forms all along....
charlieform by Mirandaleigh
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A different take on how charlie would awaken as a newly made werewolf. More along the lines of what I want when I get to this volume in the future. =)