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Raven and Crow

I wanted to do a TF sequence that had a little more narrative, lore, and descriptive text, even though I hate writing. The backstory is: a medical lab hires a sketch artist with really good photographic memory to help identify defining characteristics of those infected with the virus. He's only allowed to see a victim for a couple minutes at best because it's believed that prolonged exposure is what causes the virus to spread.

So, enjoy.



January 8th, 1̢̧͔͍̺̲̤͇͍̉͋͂̽͑́͌̀̈́͜͠8̢̻͖͖̟̲̠͖̹̜͑̎̍̓̀́̈̂͐̕X̵̧̡̢͈͖̬̖̺̹̱̠̯̖̙̮͓͔̜̣̥̽͆̈̑̍̈̓̔̊͋̃̌̋̀͂̕̚͠͠ℹ̷̡̨̧̢̬̤͔̣̝̻̫̹̺̜̦̩͔̓͋̾́̋̑̔̈́̓̊̌͒͌̐̌̎̕͘͜ͅ🌕

Winter nights are so, so long. What’s worse is the terrors keep mounting on top of one another.

It began with an uptick of the number of rodent and vermin carcasses found on the streets every night. But people didn’t start to care until a string of deaths of household pets – those usually left to sleep outside – began last September. It was early October when a man was found brutally slaughtered in his home with his fiancée missing. She was never found, but today there’s no doubt as to what’s happened to her.

Society continues onward but there’s a sinister, fearful aura present. Every day the same advice: Stay locked indoors whenever possible. Carry a gun or stay close to someone who knows how to handle one. Seek medical attention immediately at the first signs.



The doctors brought me in to help better identify characteristics and patterns associated with this epidemic. They’d only let me draw from memory though; they didn’t want me staying too close for too long. I wasn’t too worried as the virus has so far been proven to spread only through contact of bodily fluids.

This sorry fellow was estimated to be a little less than halfway from when the virus will eventually take over his whole body. I’m told that the first signs of physical change begin at the extremities: generally the toes and fingers, as well as the bridge and tip of the nose. The earliest known sign of infection is the blackening of fingernails and toenails, shortly followed by rapid growth. It’s apparent the virus is able to shift bone and muscle matter around to radically change the shape and size of the host, and the legs are often the first to change (it’s around this time when victims are distressed enough to be brought to the medical center). From here, the hips give way to a more robust tail section. On the face, the skin around the nose and mouth harden and lose their hair. (Goodbye mustaches.) Ears become less pronounced and shrink into the body. Bodily hair is replaced with thicker and heavier feathers. When this process starts, it’s said to be very painful for a day, with several victims reportedly scalping and skinning themselves with their newfound talons. Arms also go through a radical change, lengthening and gaining massive amounts of mass.



I ran in late today, got too involved in today’s crossword.

This subject was probably 70-80% through their sickness. As I was trying to take in every detail, waves of emotions overtook me. It was tragic because they were no longer recognizable as human anymore. But also, it was immensely fascinating, as a simple microorganism is able to change a living being into a completely different scientific class.

Back to the physicalities. The victim of the plague is covered almost completely in feathers, though there were a few spots where you could make out the color of the skin underneath. As described earlier, the arms are elongated and packed with even more muscle. The subject now has a beak like a proper raven, but there are fang-like growths along the lips. I would not want to get any part of my body between those.

Behavioral changes are observed during infection. Those infected display an increase in manipulative behavior. In the case of the medical center, victims have often tricked doctors into bringing extra food outside of standard mealtime hours, which they then hoard for later use. One victim caused a bit of in-fighting between the medical staff by telling each doctor little white lies.

Their ability to speak human doesn’t last the infection, however. It’s a bit of an obvious description, but this subject in particular was making noises much like a sickly human imitating a raven. Fully-transformed victims make noises that are basically louder, boom-ier raven’s cries.



After much debate and deliberation, I was finally able to convince the doctors to let me see a fully-transformed infectee. Despite being chained up in a cage, I drew this subject without any of their chains, as I found the idea of one of these being out free in the wild fascinating and even a little inspirational.

Not really sure if I can do this much longer. I’m starting to find this all too depressing. Every bit of it. I’ll probably call in sick tomorrow and reward myself tonight with a big meal.

I wonder if rats taste good.


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Me next! Me next!


Love the belly in the 2nd pic.


Great anatomy! I like your drawing style and the pergamentesque background. :)