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Feelin' Cute - Mantis TF by Dondedun
5989 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Feeling cute, might turn into a bug and be even cuter!
A Trashy Bug TF - Commission by Ametf
24439 views, 70 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A sequel to his first commission - Looks like that lazy roach didn't dispose of his bug spray properly! Also featuring Nomeking as the Wasp man and Seneca as the Bee.
Cora by Mookyvet
15246 views, 201 favorites, 5 comments
Three piece commission for NotHere(FA). He pretty much just said "draw me a cute girl transforming into 'something' and let me have at it. I wanted to make a super pretty transformation and I've always loved orchid mantids, so I made him a mantis girl of his own. :D He named her Cora. X3 I am super happy with her design~
Aimelle: Changed by Mookyvet
11624 views, 118 favorites, 3 comments
Sketch commission that nothere(FA) claimed during a recent stream (or I think it was recent? lol) of my character, Aimelle, transforming from Caithari to Human. She, of course, would not be pleased with it. :D
Nithrak Transformation by Antihuman
17897 views, 80 favorites, 9 comments
First time I've uploaded Istaerlus here, he's my main character / persona. He's transforming into a Nithrak, they're alien hive bugs. I'm not sure if the collar he's wearing is controlling the transformation or if it's just for kinky fun. Either way Orena's desires are the reason behind the transformation ;)
olivia by Antigra
5 images, 42041 views, 96 favorites, 16 comments
Olivia turning into a praying mantis (Complete!)