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Date: 10/26/2006 Views: 42692 Favorites: 97 Comments: 16


Olivia turning into a praying mantis (Complete!)


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cool sequence. and welcome to transfur ^_^


Holy cow. I love bug TFs, I really like the style that you're using for this one, and the colours lend it an eerie unreality. Her features are a little hard to make out in the second and third images though, unfortunately.


Serves her right for trying to be trendy, heh. No, seriously, I love this sequence.


Wow, that's a fantastic sequence. Can't wait to see the last image, this is one of the best out of all the IODM sequences I've seen on Transfur ever.


i like her the best in the third frame. she's almost cute in a way because she's still human but she's definitely "buggy". however, as praying mantis bugs creep me out, I must admit that the final result scares me a little, but it is well-drawn and very believable.


It'd be a LOT easier on the eyes if you changed the colors here...


Seems vaguely reminiscent of a scene from one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Interesting.


Very neat... there's so few insect TFs around - good to see!


wait this was a IODM sequece... that explains it but need more color and would love for it to look like the other sequences so i can view much more closely. I like it but just needs to be cleaned up and have that photo shop thingy done to it.... other than that finnally anthor bug tf


Insects are tough. Bravo.


dude! this is awesome :3 your poses are really expressive and great, and i really like the scratchy lines, its a very cool style, and you're good at telling a story; this is talent if i ever saw it.


Praying Mantises hang from trees and catch hummingbirds, then eat them. The males can't mate unless their heads are bitten off..


man...if i saw i was turning into one of those, i'd kill myself...XD neat sequence


At least she'll be able to eat her boyfriends up. Non-figuratively, however...


i like it up to the third

i prefer anthro

still an awesome sequence though


4th and 5th pages where my favorite