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Shell Hunt by Wrathofautumn
3 images, 37863 views, 106 favorites, 10 comments
Commission for Summercat! 3/3 completed
TheOtterTFThing by LaraTheLabRat
14536 views, 64 favorites, 12 comments
Some otter TF aftermath scene thing
lutra color by Corvidima
4 images, 82417 views, 480 favorites, 21 comments
Commission for Newenglander. Now in COLOR!
ottersm by Arania
10 images, 33590 views, 158 favorites, 14 comments
A new sequence commission - a bored student on a field trip to the zoo wanders off to an area of the zoo still under construction. On a devilish whim, he sneaks into one of the new enclosures and helps 'finish' the environment.
otterclr by Mirandaleigh
14501 views, 86 favorites, 7 comments
Colored because someone thought I should =p. Peer pressure, go fig. Purple is the color otters should be, and would be if they bathed in plutonium. =) A quick color job, didn't take more than about an hr. It was fun, I don't usually color things without inking them. Fun experience/experiment.
otter by Mirandaleigh
10234 views, 36 favorites, 6 comments
"Damn, I knew that river was polluted.... but this is ridiculous!"
kw-Sobad-cl by BlackRat
31595 views, 254 favorites, 17 comments
Impromptu Otter tf. Obligatory, "he looks like he's enjoying it", comment. (and i'll update my site.. eventualy) heh heh ha ha ha haaa.. I need a cookie. :(
poachers by Luciusappaloosius
24605 views, 58 favorites, 10 comments
"Poachers"... Two sneaky shapeshifters find a way around the law (hey, it only applies to humans, right?) Not that I condone that...
wereotter by Hyenashifter
11546 views, 50 favorites, 3 comments
Older pencil study...otter trans in progress!
kappa by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 59126 views, 235 favorites, 16 comments
Here's my Christmas present to Transfur! I hope you all enjoy it. Page 1 Welcome to another comic featuring those same two kids from before. This time they meet a water demon known as a kappa.