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Cmsn Lacus is a Pig by Dragon-Storm
9629 views, 68 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for geistis in which lacus must have pissed off a witch
There goes his hands by Gaia1234
12279 views, 76 favorites, 5 comments
A little boar tf for agentcypher over on fa.
Extra Coat by Kitsunefan
6903 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
Bacon Color
Ealadubh by everruler
9105 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
The intoxicating effects of this libation leaves even the mightiest of men knocked from their feet. Only warriors with swagger dare imbibe it. First set commissioned by ealadubh
Movie Night by Kitsunefan
9225 views, 34 favorites, 7 comments
We enjoyed it a little too much
Pig TF by Gillpanda
15193 views, 96 favorites, 4 comments
A nice picture of a guy becoming a pig.
Matter Over Mind by Ealadubh
13544 views, 59 favorites, 7 comments
Another of those 'always read the label' situations. Metamorpher came up with the weight loss gag, and I ran with it (such being the point of a diet and exercise plan).
Instant Tea by TigrisG
16219 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
It's kinda scribbly and old (2007), but this drawing has always been a favorite of mine. It stars Teagan Green, a tea-loving human that turns into a Red River Hog by drinking a special Halloween Edition of Liptongue's Tea. He/she shifts gradually with the more tea they drink, so they could sip tea all day and become a full feral hog, drink more tea, and begin to gradually shift to human again by the end of the night. He/she says they've forgotten whether they started as a human or a hog. lol
Bacon Boy Kejital by Xids
8621 views, 40 favorites, 3 comments
This was originally for a TF contest for ageau. Its TF-ing his character Kejital. http://ageaus.deviantart.com/journal/26470689/ Poor Kejital was enjoying a nice pork breakfast until he became a porker himself! ^^
Willow Pig TF by Dragon-Storm
12732 views, 32 favorites, 19 comments
Another old Image i had touched up