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PheagleAdler Commission by BengalBoy
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Mask TF commission for @PheagleAdler
“I didn’t know!” by Wereskunk
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With the Pokerus still not showing any signs of slowing down, I’ve decided to get tested. It was painless and would give me piece of mind. It was a long wait, I felt kinda nervous about it. I was stopped just before entering the main testing area. It was normal for someone to take your temperature. I was stopped. The person looked at me but right before they could say anything my neck start to hurt. My neck stretched and grew longer. I could hear gasp and shouts from everyone around me. ...
TF Sketch Request Stream 5-26-2021 by Mxmaramoose
2 images, 3837 views, 23 favorites, 2 comments
And here's the result of last wednesdays WereCreature TF SKetch Request Stream! Hope yall enjoy! #TFEveryday
Faulty Morphing Cube by Mxmaramoose
2 images, 4006 views, 37 favorites, 8 comments
commission for oldiblogg on deviantart wherein they find a rather faulty morphing cube and end up and Andalite because of it.
TF Tuseday Tidbit : Its A Boy! by Mxmaramoose
2777 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
" Something that we always keep in stock here at Changing Times Antiques is a vast selection of cursed baby announcements! they're the fastest and quickest gender change tools on the market, they're cheap and reusable too! perfect for those whose bodies don't always match their Hearts. " Have some fun TG today! I wish it was this easy to transition lol.
Improper Shipment by WhenWolvesCryOut
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I wanted to just draw a sketchy tf with really big bappers. Caused by a package that clearly wasn't labeled or packed correctly. Kind of turned into something a lot bigger than planned.
Moo Doodle by Hukeng
1893 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Rougher style for this, but I kinda like it.
Mini Collie TF by Blacksheeptfs
2297 views, 67 favorites, 1 comment
Could she be any cuter?!
Kangaroo Crossing by Blacksheeptfs
1850 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Some lucky tourists get to experience the Outback like true locals
Polar Bear Christmas by Blacksheeptfs
902 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Having a very WHITE and FUZZY Christmas