Hisuian Zorua TF by Mxmaramoose

Hisuian Zorua TF by

Date: 9/8/2022 Views: 5133 Favorites: 32 Comments: 0

Forced Transformation

Whelp.. this is what ya get for reaching your arm into that trash can to try and rescue that "albino" Zorua... #TFEveryday #pokemon

Edit/Update: I was daydreaming a bit of a follow up to My previous Zorua TF pic and doodled this cute lil scene. I guess that the Zoruas felt sorry for me and decided to stick around to teach/help me pretend to be human ^^

Third Pic Update:

Continuing on with my lil Hisuian Zorua self-tf, I drew a bunch of cute lil pics depicting some everyday struggles for our newly transformed protagonist. being small and halving no hands is the chief complaint although this gets much better once they finally evolve into a Zoroark