'Bird Head' Evolution by Birvan

'Bird Head' Evolution by

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The evolution of a creature I came up with in 2012

I'm still not set on the coloring though. Nor do I have a name for the species either ^^;

They're known as "bird heads". Their round dorsal plumage and the giant fake eye resemble a giant severed bird head from a distance

That unusual plumage serves 2 functions. To blend with the forest dense ground vegetation where they live in and to trick predators

Both the fake eye and plumage size make the predators think they're a lot bigger than they really are. As for those that don't fall for the trick, they usually bite the top of the "bird's" head, missing the creature's body completely and giving it a chance to run away, at the cost of part of its camouflage


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I like the concept. It sounds realistic that such a creature could have evolved.


It adds an extra level of challenge I often enjoy