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King of Dinosaurs gooTF by Kaju
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big size : https://lizardman.fanbox.cc/posts/5049718 adult ver : https://lizardman.fanbox.cc/posts/5049736 request box : https://t.co/0ankJZx1Lj
Headshot Commission: Upscaling by Lucern7
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A Commission from VectorDragon(FA) becoming a mighty Kaiju via Dark radiation. Had fun with the scale and hatching of this one.  Like what you see? Commissions are Open! More info here: https://forms.gle/DJkZsVWsdW74w3LLA
A totally radical transformation! by Axolotlthon
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A letter is on a ground by a strange glowing crystal "put me into the air and say "dino-mite" for some fun!"
Guilmon! Guilmon! by Altered
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A YCH sequence for @pheagleadler ! Who wouldn't want to be a cute, cuddly Guilmon?
Pteranodon TF by Kaju
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Pteranodon TF
Master Higgins into a Camptosaurus by CreatureMaster
1503 views, 7 favorites, 4 comments
Thinking made a series of images of video games protagonist turning into creatures from the game there are from (like mario turning into a koopa or some shit like that) Also, happy aprill fools! (even this image is not a aprill fools image...)
dinosaurs go RAWR! by Axolotlthon
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welp you're cursed to turn into an inflatable dinosaur mascot every time you hear that dumb song, and you can't really say anything but....rawr in this form. might as well get used to being a dino, I have a feeling this will affect you a lot considering this IS now part of your advertisement job.... Originally posted on fA: Dec 18, 2021 03:12 PM
Patreon Images from February 2021 by Mxmaramoose
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doing a big upload of all the art I did for my short lived patreon. Ill be uploading these in monthly batches hope yall can enjoy the fun lil simple tf drawings I did.
[c] Pool day! by Recurrent
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A 4 stage cel shaded sequence for Froach Would you like to get a HiRes version of this piece and more? Consider supporting me on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. Patreon.com/Recurrent Find me on other sites Linktr.ee/RecurrentArt
Odaiba by Taitora
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Happy Odaiba Memorial Day! Something to celebrate Odaiba Memorial Day or Digimon Day as a big Digimon fan on August 1.