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Date: 3/5/2019 Views: 27334 Favorites: 158 Comments: 14

Gender Change - Male to Female

[5/6]Page 5 is done! With an updated artstyle, and my first real attempt at doing backgrounds like this. (hopefully they don't look too bad). Just one more page to go, hopefully it doesn't take six months this time.


Five or six years ago, I started a comic on here simply called "Birthday Comic." It was supposed to be six pages long, but I never liked the results of the final page so it never got finished.

As I went into 2018 with the goal of an increased focus on my art, one of the challenges I set for myself was to develop my digital coloring and shading. Something I'm not very used to. So I decided to take that old comic, and not only finish it, but fully redraw it and color and shade it. This will be six pages long, just like the original was intended to be.

It is still a bit experimental, but bare with me a bit as I figure all this digital stuff out. I've always been more of a mechanical pencil artist.


Wips, and finished pages available three days earlier on my patreon at


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Looking forward to this.


Me to.


this surely will turn him into Flower from Bambi x3 (original one :v) also if i think is a male x3 but was something that i thinked XD


He doesn't look like a skunk


but it is a skunk sadly^^" just a variant.


Well she's a stinker no matter how you look at it.


i guess so^^


Please finish


Really love his reaction to seeing his hair change and the fact that she has problems getting back up once she got to the digit-feet and her new tail.

Comic makes me think about this being shown as a comedy flick afterwards "yeah and remember when you freaked out about having your hair grow?" Followed by some emberessed rambling x3

Long story short: really cool sequence <3


this is getting interesting x3 also third panel is funny x3


Actually I missed this job, it's one of the best.


Definitely looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing the last two pages.


new page cool beans o3o anyways seems good^^ surely we gonna wait for the last page o3o


This is an excellent sequence. Almost done it seems