Metamorpher Trade Sheep TF TG By Cayuga by Cayuga

Metamorpher Trade Sheep TF TG By Cayuga by

Date: 8/9/2016 Views: 27202 Favorites: 94 Comments: 6

Gender Change - Male to Female

My side of a trade with metamorpher on DA.

I was in the mood to do a sheep TF trade, but also wanted to try a TG, which I've never done before.

Fat ladies! Woooooo! Fun!!! WOOOOOOOO! BAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

I also did my character, who I'm quickly realizing is a pain in the neck to draw. I'm going to have to revamp it. But still fun to do a TG of.


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Aww, how cute! Makes me imagine a reality where TFs are common.


yus, me too o3o but more like i would be an immortal gender shapeshifter x3


They should be common! But not too common. Like, I wouldn't want to TF in order to go to the DMV. Wait, that might be great.


so cute x3 good job and i bet that it was totally worth it to draw it x3


Did he request what to change into in the comic or was it random?


Random. He's usually a Dinosaur fan.