Experiment One: Ree by Demyxia

Experiment One: Ree by

Date: 10/10/2014 Views: 11667 Favorites: 46 Comments: 1

Forced Transformation
Liquid Latex

In my studies, I've come across a number of interesting humanoid reactions to my potions. However, none have perplexed me quite to the extent of dear experiment, Ree. Ree is was a fairly average human, no known magical abilities or anything that marked him as different from the norm. However, when subjected to a simple transformative element, acquired a rather peculiar new sort of exterior that was fairly similar to the slime spewed out by the magical horrors. Due to this most unforeseen and curious outcome, I have chosen to keep Ree around for further studies. I will document my future studies at a later date.


Doctor Savato's first experiment! Or at least the first real documented one! What will come next?


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I like the guy's expression and the colors.