Forced Transformation

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The Yeen Scene by KrazyIvan
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A quite long project that has been in the making for more time than i care to admit is finally getting some line art and thought i'd share.
Keeping Up Appearances (Hisuian Zorua TF) by Mxmaramoose
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Whelp.. this is what ya get for reaching your arm into that trash can to try and rescue that "albino" Zorua... #TFEveryday #pokemon Edit/Update: I was daydreaming a bit of a follow up to My previous Zorua TF pic and doodled this cute lil scene. I guess that the Zoruas felt sorry for me and decided to stick around to teach/help me pretend to be human ^^ Third Pic Update: Continuing on with my lil Hisuian Zorua self-tf, I drew a bunch of cute lil pics depicting some everyday struggles for o...
Friend Shaped (Goodra TF) by Briandabluefox
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Not only is it friend. It makes you friend
The Making of an Older Brother by Mxmaramoose
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Okay so one of my buddies really enjoyed that Chandelure gijinka I posted a while back and thus gifted me a sweet lil tf/tg fic. Enamored with said gift I then illustrated it ^^ please enjoy!
Spider Suprise by Mxmaramoose
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You know it’s #TFTuseday when you find yourself growing extra appendages just before curtain call, oh whatever shall you do now?! And which one of your jealous understudies is to blame…
Egg Hunt by KrazyIvan
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A Slightly delayed Easter bunny TF
One of Us! by Tim-Kangaroo
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Inspired by characters from Osamu Tezuka's LEGEND OF THE FOREST.
The Maiden Becomes The Unicorn by Mxmaramoose
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And I’m Back! Good to see ya! My trip was wonderful^^ Last night I got back into the swing of things with some historical fashion studies and one of those studies became this piece. Hope you enjoy!
new friend :) by Ishu
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one bat got new friend
Inked Exp. Com: Beware the Hunting Slimes by Lucern7
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An upgraded inked experimental commission from WinterScout On Twitter of their OC Verenix transforming into a Royal Ludroth from Monster Hunter via transformative slime. I had fun playing up the extreme size difference in an unbalanced transformation style.