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Before And After
Forced Transformation
Implied Tf

Name: Simon Sails

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5' 4”

Weight: 136 Lb (Human) – 269 Lb (Merman)

Species: Custom Fish Mutant

Birthday: June 19th

Era From: Era 1 (2030 – 2036)

Occupation: Mutant Support – Jackie's Boyfriend

Sexuality: Straight


-Ability to fill his lungs with air and water, allowing him to breath on land and in the water.

-dual lessens in his eyes, allowing clear sight underwater.

-adaptable body systems to live in both salt and fresh water environments.

-waterproof ears, for better hearing underwater as well.


-while able to survive on land, he must stay hydrated and wet in order to survive. If let to dehydrate, he will be able to do little to save himself.


-reading, writing, music, swimming, drawing, talking, and watching horror movies.


-being mistaken for a girl, being teased about his more feminine appearance, being in large groups of people, sports, & being the center of attention.


-shy, timid, caring, self conscious, loving, reserved, loyal, honest, and kind.

Growing up was hard for Simon. Due to his slender body and small size, he was often mistaken for a girl. He became the butt of jokes and was picked on quite a bit growing up. To cope with the constant ridicule, he would engage in private activities like reading and writing. Though when things got particularly rough, he would go to the local pool at night and wash away his pain as he swam laps. However, one fateful night he was kidnapped by synthex goons, and experimented on. He was given a merman mutation, custom made with lush shades of red and pink. If the irony of his more feminine mutation wasn't enough, an agent of synthex felt he looked rather nice, and decided to put him on display in the fish tank of their base's lobby. It would be several months of scientist gawking at “her” as some thought before he would be rescued by the heroes. It was then that he met Jackie. After a long talk, they hit it off and became good friends, sharing tales of the issues they had faced due to their rather unusual lifestyles, and growing closer, from friends to couple.


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poor guy


es grable tf de varon, me gusta chicas. punto cansado el mismo sexo tf. No Malo el gusto cada quien. megusta poco mas de variedad.


Poor guy, he sure drew the short straw


He's very pretty, I have to say. :)