Synthex Experiment #5 by Inkblot

Synthex Experiment #5 by

Date: 6/13/2016 Views: 14068 Favorites: 75 Comments: 9

Crocodile and Alligator
Forced Transformation

Subject Name(s): Samantha Bute

Gender(s): Female

Age(s): 19

Height(s): 5'3”

Weight(s): 165 LB

Mutation Trial: FRLST-7 Feral Conversion

We continue our trials of feral conversion with subject #7. a young female, she is healthy and strong. A perfect test subject to try out this next mutation on.

For this trial, we chose to go gator. Its ability to bite with great force can be very useful to use if used correctly. We injected the subject and escorted her to the holding cell so she could transform in her “natural” environment.

The subject didn't take the changes well. She was in tears as she lost her humanity. After the change, she hid in a corner to mope. However, when she did so, she blended into the brush perfectly! This gave us an idea.

These feral mutations have the ability to change back and fourth between forms after a period of time has passed. In this case, our subject stays human for 10 days, and then is changed for 5 before turning human once more. With her ability to blend into the brush, she could potentially make her way into enemy territory, and blend in with the natural fauna. Once she was at an strategic location, she could wait till she changed back, and could infiltrate the enemy base without anyone knowing she had snuck in. using these feral conversion mutants as spy's and assassins opens up a whole new realm of opportunities for us.


we have begun conditioning the subjects to be agents. Using the most ruthless and effective methods, we will be able to rid the subjects of their personalities and make them into machines of war in no time at all. While conditioning is going on, we will make plans to produce more feral conversion mutants, using the most optimal methods to ensure a powerful and effective army.

What is to become of these subjects can't be said just yet. But I know for a fact that whatever they end up becoming, they will no doubt be happy to serve.


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+1 to the synthex agent squad!


Cool; guess I need to start working on my OC then!


By the way I'm not expecting anything, just playing. Or am I??????????


you could always commission a tf from me. i have synthex experiment commissions which you can find info on here:

however, those come with a specific set of conditions, so if you wanna make an oc out of it, then you would either have to commission me with my normal tf commissions, or make it yourself, which i am perfectly fine with BTW. fan ocs are always welcome in my book.


So I guess that blows a collab out of the water. I'm a broke little shark :(


what did you have in mind for a collab?


Look at my name... ;)


i mean how would we go about doing a collab. send me a message to reply, as this is taking up to much space in the comments section