Whale Tale - SE#11 by Inkblot

Whale Tale - SE#11 by

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Forced Transformation

Subject Name(s): Kim Cents

Gender(s): Female

Age(s): 19

Height(s): 5' 3”

Weight(s): 135 Lb

Mutation Trial: FRLST-31 Feral Conversion

This was an odd trial for us. We attempted to do an animal we had never done before. This animal had presented many problems in the past, but over time we have been able to manage and finally create a workable transformation...

due to the nature of this transformation, a wider range of time was needed for our subject to be in any given form. This gal is human for 3 months, and then transformed for another 3 months. Most of that time is her body absorbing nutrients and preparing itself for its transformation. Such an extreme change can have serious effects on a subjects body. Luckily the girl seems to be handling is alright....well, physically anyway....

She was quite taken back come her first change. Losing limbs, and growing in size were just the beginning to her struggles. Her new diet, the need to live in water, and her new senses all caused her much distress. The first 3 months were hard for her, but she found a way to keep a hold of herself...

we are transferring her to a more suitable location. The small tank we put her in was only meant to be used for her first transformation. It doesn't do much for her due to her vast size. She will be happy to be able to finally swim with her new body, though only as happy as one can be when stuck as a whale for 3 months. Lets just hope the transfer goes well. We are low on staff, and extra care needs to be taken with this one...

the subject has seemed to escape during the transfer. We waited till she change back to human form before sending her on her way. Being human makes the process a lot easier. Unfortunately it also makes her more able to escape when no one is looking. However we aren't too worried. She won't be able to go too far. In a few weeks she will change back to her whale form, and if that happens on land, she is as good as dead. She will have to stay close to the water, which will give us a good idea of where she will be. We will keep our agents at the ready. She she changes back, we will nab her...


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buen trabajo, lo tengo guardado.