LSC: Human to Wyvern by Jakkal

LSC: Human to Wyvern by

Date: 1/3/2014 Views: 10024 Favorites: 103 Comments: 9

Ripped Clothing

Onom's commission of a human changing into a wyvern. The good news is that this fellow will always be able to reach the stuff on the top shelf now.

Really? Wyvern isn't on the species list?


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EXACTLY! Wyvern needs it's own little list. Amazing job, by the way.


Oops :) I had incorrectly assumed wyverns were a special case of dragons. And a quick search shows they date back to the medieval times - oops :) This will be fixed!

Amazing work, love the colors and face!


Meh, wyvern's just a dragon with two fewer limbs.


Wyvern was technically a type of dragon, I thought, but I guess I was wrong... Either way though, they make way way way more sense anatomically, haha. And speaking of anatomy, good job. Looks awesome.


Yes, Wyverns are a completely different species from Dragons.


Except in the Song of Ice and Fire universe. But I guess "A Waltz with Wyverns" just isn't as catchy...


Do you consider Smaug in the new "Hobbit" film to be a wyvern or a dragon?


Smaug is an Eastern Dragon. Those types are traditionally known to gaurd their treasures with their lives.

On another note, Wyverns are typically dragons other then the fact that they have strong hind legs to support their weight. With two large wings and poisonous tails, these species are typically the most violent of dragons. Therefore, a class of their own, sort of speak


My bad Smaug is a WESTERN Dragon. -derp-