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Forced Transformation

I know, yet another head shot. I've got it out of my system now. Back to actual work tomorrow :P


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Eye spray? Is this person getting ready to shed?


Snakes dont have eye lids, she's at that in between stage of not having eye lids and having that protective layer cobra's have.


That is an interesting take.

Most snake transformation I see have the person blink, and then unable to open their eyelids, making them blind till the eyelid turns into the clear scale. Not sure what would be worse, blind for a bit, or having to use the eyedrops.


If it's blind for a minute or two or needing eyedrops for weeks, I'll take blindness. If it's for the same time period, give me that.


feel bad for her :o i think water works on eyes too, i think o3o also she can lick them tough x3 (your eyes are dried? lick them UP! and they will be hydrated :D. lol)