Livestream Commission: The Nightfirer Eclipse by Lucern7

Livestream Commission: The Nightfirer Eclipse by

Date: 3/28/2014 Views: 14305 Favorites: 57 Comments: 4

Cursed Location
Forced Transformation

A commission from the awesome nightfirer where he becomes his Maned wolf persona's likeness. This was originally going to be a stream commission but my computer crashed so I redid it in slightly higher quality as an apology to Night for the inconvenience.

Also there's no eclipse, weather, or cosmic event tags!


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Esto genera una buena preguntas licantropo es afectado los eclisep. en sierto modo es luna llena.


i gotta ask, have you ever thought of a new moon werewolf?


Well if your referencing a series with vampires, no but if you're referring to changing up Weres by having them react to different weather patterns or cosmic events then yes I've thought about it.


No references to vampires but the changing up Weres is the idea.