Lucern headmorph by Lucern7

Lucern headmorph by

Date: 5/16/2017 Views: 9772 Favorites: 53 Comments: 3

Forced Transformation

I can't believe I forgot about this site! I should rectify that with some recent works~

A part of a larger animation I submitted as part of an application for an animation degree program, of which I didn't get in sadly. I figured I'd post this bit and see how people react to it. Maybe I'll post more later.

I am taking commissions of a similar nature, just PM me if you're interested.


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Well done!


Very cool. I'd never have the patience to do any serious hand-drawn animation -- kudos for applying to the program. Obviously no appreciation for TF on the entrance committee. Fools. FOOLS. There's something about the final frame with the bottom jaw going "scoop shaped" that seems a bit jarring to me, but otherwise the fluidity is nice. Keep it up.


Nice! Good animated TF is rare, hard, and oh so very appreciated.