Werewolffin by Martin

Werewolffin by

Date: 5/9/2006 Views: 9714 Favorites: 20 Comments: 6


Hayo...A little Comission for a pal of mine. He wanted to see my take on a werewolf. From my school of thought a werewolf is more of a forced transfromation, not pleasurable, a curse as it where. It's a little ape-ish and nasty but hay...it was a human at one point. Oh and it's a bit big...sorry about the image size <:(


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Hey very nice something new and a new take on it :)


if you don't like critisizm, then do not read, otherwise it is ok to read my opinion is different on the term "little" and the fur seems to look kinda staticy, don't really like that look. but other than that the picture is great!


a bit big? XD I know it's great to give the one who commissioned you a fairly decent sized image for printing, but you should only give that to them alone. It could lead the theivery and similar events....but yeah. It's fairly good. it probably looks apeish because you made the front of their body much much too large....if you were going for that it's good! but if not, try using more references- and the first try doesn't always have to be the final try! if you're not happy with the image for a commission, try until you're satisfied? sorry...blabbering. I'll shut up now....looks good ^^;


Looks provocative--have you considered making it the end image of a sequence?


The thing I like best about this is the two different tones of gray to differentiate between what used to be human hair and all of the wolf pelt that's grown in. Warm grey being good for human hair, and cool grey for wolf pelt. Excellent color choices.


It looks really good, but my take on a werewolf has a tail, and a more wolfish body.