Werewolf Transformation by Narubi

Werewolf Transformation by

Date: 9/8/2012 Views: 11760 Favorites: 54 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing


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1st! original....like it!


the out of proportion arm and jaw are fascinating. really liking the boniness of his knuckles and toes. Really enjoying how this is colored, too. The eyes seem a little 'off' - not sure the black sclera are really working for me, or I'm not sold on the concept? but otherwise a really cool piece! I dig what's going on here.


superboo From how I see it, the black would be his pupils, as though he was looking to his transforming hand.


The black is the sclera and I love it. This is what what I like to see in TFs. I feel that too many are drawn way over-stylized in terms of symmetry and proportion. His expression is priceless <3