Knarksandhyenacolor by Silverhyena

Knarksandhyenacolor by

Date: 7/27/2008 Views: 24335 Favorites: 45 Comments: 12

Mad Scientist

I FINALY got this done...Urg, it took for freaken ever. This was also a test for my new Prismacolor blending marker, which was pretty fun to use. I just felt like something strange, something I don't do a whole lot, and you know, I enjoyed it! I'm not sure if the green glow on everything turned out exactly the way I would have liked it to...but I guess it's okay. I love Nasher's (the rat) eagerness to watch the poor inmate-turned-hyena suffer. The hyena's expression is so cute, that worried/scared look, it came out better then I planned. There's something I really enjoy about transforming critters in straitjackets!!


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Told ya it would work. Though the outline gets lost on the yena's paws, try inking a bit to show outline. Also, with the polar bear pic, consider drawing the fourth leg, possibly in the process of transformation.


Thanks!! I might just have to do that, I layered on the black and brown a bit to hard I think. I tryed placing a fourth leg on the polar bear, but it just did not look right, I might try drawing a fourth leg when I do my color version of it however, thanks for the tips!


Even considering the green walls of the room, the green lighting seems a little too heavy on the subjects. Good work, though.


Well, I just felt like alot of green. Thank you though!


the coloration works well for this drawing :)


Thank you very much! I love bright greens, but I hardly ever use them...


Yes, a lot of green, but a very cute hyena. And definitely less grainy than the penciled pieces. Can the rest of us get their hands on this concoction?


Thanks Lightningfire. Sure, I used my prismacolors, but I got some smoother cardstock. And I used a colorless blending marker to get rid of the graininess. I might make prints available but I'm not sure. I really want to mat and frame the original.


Thank you very much!


Nice work! I agree with the comment that saying the green is a little bit overwhelming. Having said that, it's a great piece and I really like the concept. :)


Thank you very much!


All the color gives me a bit of a headache, but good job.