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Mad Scientist

This is my jester RP character Vash. I thought that just for Transfur, Knarks has tranformed him into a hyena. And once I saw the new Artist Challenge #4 I thought Vash would be the perfect critter, because he does worry about what his butt looks like. Anyway, Knarks has freshly transformed Vash, and is he worried about being used for world domination? No, he's worried about the fact that his rear end is to large...way to go Knarks. My only quams with this is that...MY SCANNER MURDERED IT!! That pale green is supposed to be neon green and the orange is supposed to be red, I love using gel pens, but they don't scan that good...


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Never fear, I have emailed you a fixed copy...


Cute character but kinda gets lost with all the colors.


Thank you. If you were able to see the original, it looks so much better...


it still looks ten times better than what i draw and clour, which i have to stop being so lazy and work at it.


No, Vash is just...odd. He does not care about being mutated into a hyena...just that his butt's to big. Knarks did not show up? Darn doctors, can't trust any of them to show up on time...


*smirk* sure this person wasn't playing too much "Gauntlet:Legacy of Darkness"?


i played a werehyena jester once in a LARP, though the GMs bitched and moaned about it. He ended up giving me crappy powers he thought would be useless in game. (The ability to make quicksand and the ability to look like anything else.) So everyone ended up going to the circus where the rollercoaster turned into a huge boss dragon. Everyone tried just running away, but when they couldn't *quicksand* they had to fight it. So I turned into another dragon, scaring them even further. Later on I went up against a mage in power armour. I couldn't kill him because my stats sucked, so I just used quicksand to immobileize him, and just sat on his head annoying him with my knife. "I smell a goey center!"


you spelled too wrong O_o anyway nice


Well...Gauntlet is one of the few video games I can actually play. Sorry mix, but I've never even heard of LARP.


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a great game. and the hyena pwns. overall, a 10


Thank you! And yes, Gauntlet is an awesome game!


Lol! This cracks me up XD